The following is a list of traits that you may potentially identify with:

1. You just “know”. Without someone/something telling you truths your intuition/gut feelings know what is real.

2. Being in public places feels unbearable at times. Stadiums, airports, malls and even the grocery store can be an over-exhausting experience because we start to pick up on the energies of others and store them as our own.

3. Feeling emotions of others and taking them on as your own. These emotions can be from someone you know or do not know.

4. Watching and listening trauma, cruelty (like those SPCA commercials – OMG!) or tragedy is completely unbearable. The best thing to do in this situation is stop watching the news or other programs that create this feeling in your body altogether.

5. You know when someone is not being honest, loyal or respectful. Although because you are most likely a healer at heart you tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately over time you learn that your intuition was spot on.

6. Picking up physical symptoms off another. An unaware Empath will most always develop ailments of another person that they are closest to.

7. Digestive and lower back dis-orders and diagnosis’s. The solar plexus chakra is based in the center of the abdomen and is known for holding and storing emotions. This is where Empaths tend to feel the incoming emotions and sometimes store someone else’s emotions which can, in turn, lead to a variety of painful physical symptoms in this area of the body.

8. You are always cheering for the underdog, those who are suffering, homeless, malnourished, in pain, being bullied, etc. This is one of the first indicators you are an Empath and most often can start to experience this at a young age.

9. You are ALWAYS the go-to friend or family member that everyone feels they can share their problems with. An unguarded Empath can be a dumping ground for everyone else’s challenges and if they do not learn to protect themselves they could potentially take them on as their own.

10. Constant fatigue emotionally and physically. We often get drained by other people or by taking on too much from others!

11. Addictive personalities including alcohol, drugs, sex, food are some “comfort” behaviors that Empaths take on to block out the emotions of others. It is a self-defense mechanism that is developed over time to mask the overwhelming sensations of someone or something.