Who Am I?

meditation teacher, spiritual healer & light-worker with years of experience helping others overcome traumas and tragedies in their lives. I did not always know I was a healer, however I did know I was always different from the majority of others around me. Perhaps you can relate? Being massively sensitive to all of life, always trying to help others, not knowing what was “wrong” with me, and always being told I was “crazy”. These are just some of the experiences I had that catapulted me into a realm of depression, anxiety and addiction, amongst several other life choices and experiences that led me to a place where I did not want to live anymore. All the while I knew there was something Greater, something Beyond my human body that was screaming from my subconscious mind… It was telling me, “Don’t Give Up … You Are Here To Heal.”

I received this message repeatedly. At that point in time I was in the wrath of an extremely emotional divorce, broke, raising my children and suicidal. Trying to explain this to friends & family seemed basically impossible as they did not have the capacity to truly understand … I didn’t even understand! All I knew was it took a tremendous amount of strength and internal revelation to FINALLY see WHY I was experiencing such pain. The answer came in waves … It took me unraveling who I had perceived myself to be. It took me SURRENDERING to gain clarity.

Having a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health & in Psychology, being a Certified Health Coach and a Psychiatric Crisis Specialist, I knew that if I were looking at myself from a clinical standpoint I would be diagnosed with a slue of dis-orders and dis-eases … I also knew that having tried several prescription medicines in the past including a plethora of anti-anxiety, anti-depressant and ADD medicines that my body would continue to react in such a way that it was essentially repealing foreign substances leaving me not only healing from my diagnosis but also healing from the prescription medicine.

What happened next is where everything came together for me. I chose to invest in high-end healers who had experiences similar to mine and were now on the proverbial “Other Side” of this hellish nightmare. I had no idea where I was going to come up with the money to support my investment in these healers, I just knew that if I didn’t chances of my death would continue to increase and to be honest, I really didn’t want to die. My family and friends didn’t really get it still. The few that I chose to divulge my life to would respond consistently with encouraging answers… To them I am forever appreciative. In the back of my mind, still, there was a push to continue to invest in these coaches to see what would happen.

After working with these fellow healers, I learned that if I did not execute the knowledge that I was learning I would essentially be a dusty encyclopedia on a book shelf. By working with these coaches, I started to attract people, opportunities, events and experiences into my life that I now realize are confirmations of what it was that I was here on Planet Earth to do. Heal! I FINALLY got IT! Now what was I supposed to do with this? 

Body Language, Mindset Healing, Binaural Beat Meditation, Astral Travel, Crystal Healing, Acupressure, Reiki, Nutritional Healing, Bio-optical Holography, Biological Belief and Tapping are now all part of my daily living and although it may seem foreign to most people, to an Empath these teachings and techniques are equivalent to gold. Literally. Why? Because as a human being we are meant to come here to experience all of life by using all of our senses, including our 6th (Psychic) sense.

The AMAZING news is we are ALL wired to receive this incredible information. What we get to do with information is quite literally heal ourselves and then heal others. This in turn will increase the vibrational frequencies of our Planet and future generations of human beings. That is what I am called to do. That is why I am here. To serve others. To share my life’s experiences which will allow the unraveling of pain, abuse, trauma, harm, mis-teachings and challenges in the lovely humans that choose to heal.

The time is NOW to do this work. Looking at our Planet you can see that Mother Nature is amping up her game and is letting it be known to mankind that war, anger, pain, trauma, abuse and neglect is uncalled for and it is time for the Rise of Love. Love Wins. Love will heal not only ourselves it will also heal our planet.


As I was in the midst of my divorce I was left with a lot to figure out. One being how was I going to afford my bills and two what was I going to do with my massive creative mind that was still churning even through trauma. Something that I had always loved to do is make my own cosmetics. I remember being in middle school coming home and mixing sugar, olive oil and essential oils together and would use it as a scrub in the shower.

Little did I know that 20 years later I would be the founder of a world-wide selling cosmetic company, Desert Rose Organics! The product that has been most successful is the Original Organic Probiotic Deodorant. This recipe is very similar to making a cake in a kitchen! I make each by hand and after several years have finally figured out the perfect recipe which is now patent-pending! This creation served as a fun and distractive way for me to make the deodorants in my kitchen, with my kids, serving others. I had put my former Life Coaching practice on hold during this time because I was not in a space to heal others on a spiritual level as I was in the middle of figuring my own self out. Desert Rose Organics was the perfect way for me to continue to help others while introvertedly healing on my own.

Desert Rose Organics is safe for use on men, women and teens … The ingredients in traditional deodorants is EXTREMELY toxic and directly linked to hormone imbalances, cancer, high toxicity loads and psychiatric challenges. Choosing an organic deodorant with just 7 Earth-Made ingredients is a safer and WAY more effective option!

Bonus – It REALLY works! Really.


One of the side effects from a surgery I chose to receive after I had children left me with a huge challenge that did not appear to have an end in sight. The surgery I chose to get was a “Mommy Makeover” … I desired to look better, which was a huge indicator of my challenged self-esteem, self-image and self-perception. This surgery nearly killed me because I became allergic to the breast implants that were in my body. Due to the silicone toxicity, stress and side-effect of anesthesia my hair began to fall out in clumps … I mean non-stop! It got to the point that I cut my mid-back length hair off up to my chin! Talk about drastic! I didn’t know what else to do. I found products here and there that regrew some of the hair loss, but still I was down about 40% of my overall hair.

Along came Monat. My good friend who I went to health coaching school with created an online group of other entrepreneurs that I became a part of. In her group there were some other women talking about this new product that was growing their hair back. I was curious and compelled to learn more. So I chose to try the products as a VIP to receive discounts and other sales. However, after my first wash my hair felt COMPLETELY different! In fact I lost sleep that night because I kept asking my boyfriend to feel my hair, ha! The next day I switched my account over from being a VIP to becoming a Market Partner. It was one of the best decisions I have made. Not only has 99% of my hair grown back my ability to help other’s grow theirs back is occurring as well!

If you experienced hair loss due to trauma, stress, childbirth, auto-immune challenges, alopecia, chemotherapy, baldness (women and men) … You are in luck! Monat is a naturally-based hair care company that is changing lives. It is expected to be a Billion Dollar company in just three years of launching. That is utterly amazing. This is not your traditional MLM either. Nope! I failed miserably at those. This company is full of conscious-minded men and women who are truly and authentically on a mission to help others while creating a business of their own. Whether you desire a few hundred dollars to a a few hundred thousand dollars per month (Yes, I said that correctly!) you have the option to be part of a phenomenal business that believes in taking care of it’s representatives.

After being with the company for under 6 months I have been able to travel to Dallas, Texas for Leadership Training, won (completely Free for Real) a trip to Las Vegas and am qualified to go on a cruise to Bermuda! This is all happening in the name of Hair & Healing! Both are in full alignment with my human purpose and I would LOVE to support you as well!